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The next big job perk? Uber is coming to workplaces in 45 countries

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Uber now wants to drive your employees around. The global transportation company has announced that it is launching Uber for Business in all 45 countries it’s operating in – or over 200 cities.

In a blog post, Uber describes this service, which was piloting in the US and Canada, as a “dedicated platform that enables small and mid-sized companies or teams to set up a corporate Uber account. The platform includes a centralized billing system and a travel dashboard that business administrators can use to manage budgets – all at no cost.”

Employees can access this option using the standard Uber app. Companies like Evernote and Freelancer have been using the service.

According to an Uber spokesperson, the service was being tested with businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Unsurprisingly, Singapore is Southeast Asia’s largest Uber for Business market, accumulating over half the total fares with an average fee per trip that’s over twice of other cities.

Uber’s entry into the business space has probably been on the minds of its local competitors for a while. Easy Taxi unveiled their B2B product in Singapore in August 2014, while India’s TaxiForSure also has a similar arrangement with businesses.

Uber, however, is different in that it enlarges the aggregate taxi fleet in a city by adding private drivers to its inventory. While consumers may not feel the benefits directly, it does meet a need in markets where the demand for cabs often outstrips supply.

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