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Smartfren will modify Android products (Like Xiaomi - MIUI)

Smartfren expressed interest to make modifications or customization on the Android platform that is in their products. Later, the user interface on the main page will be different from those in most of the Android gadgets. 

»This is our strategy from the aspect of the specification of products," said Division Head Product Development Smartfren, Sukotjo Purwokardjono, in Jakarta, Friday, September 19 2014 (Read: Will Android L Automatic Data Encryption.) 

The strategy, he said, to head off a new global competitor manufacturers started business in Indonesia. Every product sold offering the latest innovations to attract consumers. Therefore, Smartfren also implement strategies to improve the quality of software focusing. 
Unfortunately, Sukotjo still reluctant to reveal what kind of zoom. »The target product will be modified from the second quarter in 2015," he said. 

Smartfren Bakal Modifikasi Android di Produknya

Manufacturers that have implemented a similar thing on their products is through platform Xiaomi MIUI which is a modified version of Android 4.3 or Jelly Bean. MIUI support local applications that can be customized in each country. As the smart phone MI4 registration applications that favor doctors or hospitals, and public facilities. 

The next strategy is applied Smarftren from the marketing side, namely through bundling. This way while offering services Smartfren consisting of starter packs. Until now the company is still faithfully selling smart phone, digital slate or tablet, as well as the modem through bundling program. 

While the third is mempekuat sales in retail stores. Especially to reach consumers who are out of town. »In addition to presenting Smartfren service center outlets," said Sukotjo.

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