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Beautiful municipal police social media users make fascinated - Banten

Satpol PP Cantik Banten bikin pengguna medsos terpesona

From Indonesian

Once users of social media was shocked by the police photographs of beautiful women, like Brigadier Eka, now circulating photos of beautiful municipal police members. Municipal police members who served in the Banten province named Nurul Habibah.
From the search merdeka.com, Friday (19/9), Nurul selfie pictures uploaded in a lot of social media.

Besides using the uniform, occasionally Nurul selfie with non-formal wear.
Nurul set is then received various comments from users social media. Most of them adore the beauty of white women.
"If the municipal police like this, I can do is let me be evicted street vendors," Eko wrote on his facebook account.

source : http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/satpol-pp-cantik-banten-bikin-pengguna-sosmed-terpesona.html

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